Alroeya Newspaper

"Alroeya" Newspaper was founded on the vision that professionalism is the key to success in the fast-developing media landscape in UAE and the region alike, and from a deep conviction that any media-related project must bring knowledge to the reader and be a positive influence in society – one that implements the highest standards in both form and content.

Since its inception in Dec.02,2012 Alroeya always aspires to meet the reader's need for a professional, credible and independent publication that tackles and appreciates the issues relevant to their lives. At the time, the newspaper was also aware of the telecom revolution sweeping across the nation, which greatly transformed the media industry.

Alroeya strove to act as an independent newspaper that aims to serve the nation and its citizens and safeguard their right to know the truth. Alroeya has placed for itself a number of professional ethics – multiplicity, neutrality and tolerance. These ethics will continue to be cornerstones of the newspaper's philosophy as it become a venerated podium for the enlightened opinion and objective analysis.

Alroeya comprises of specialized sections which, in addition to the main newspaper, include economics , varieties and sports, in addition to a periodic pages specializing in different aspects. In all these pages, the newspaper strives to deliver truth and entertainment in a presentation that is based on honesty, respect for the reader's intelligence and their right to truth.

These efforts go hand in hand with the fact that Alroeya is consistently keeping up with the various developments in the advertising industry, providing advertisers with an innovative, highly effective medium through which they can secure nationwide coverage. The newspaper has several advantages that differentiate it from its competitor, including the fact that it is the fastest growing publication in the UAE and the publication with fixed subscriber base, readership and overall reader satisfaction rates. Our commitment to these ethics have helped us become one of the most respected sources for local and international news and a reference of choice for many high profile news agencies.



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