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Alroeya.ae is an Arabic-language news portal designed to give industry professionals and decision-makers a reliable source of business information. The portal provides readers with extensive up-to-date coverage, where content is constantly updated throughout the day. Alroeya content includes news and events, reports, in-depth analysis and commentaries made by well-known experts.

Alroeya Newspaper
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To be the first fully
integrated media institution in the Middle East.

Imedia aspires to communicate news, information and opinion to the local community we serve that is timely, accurate and useful. We strive to reflect the full range of diverse viewpoints, while also providing analyses that enables our community to make informed decisions.

Be an objective and trustworthy information tool.
Apply the best practices that come in-line with the journalism codes.
Fast delivery of quality content and exclusive services.
Knowing our readers’ needs and helping to fulfil them.
Working in a team where everybody is part of everything we do.
Constant pursuit of excellence.
Support entrepreneurial spirit.


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